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Web Site Marketing

Our Website Marketing Services provide business firms, medical/healthcare and law professionals with the necessary tools to promote and market their Web sites to the highest level of exposure and professional presence. These promotion services include Website Promotion Planning and Strategy, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Submission, Placement and Positioning and E-newsletter Marketing program.

"To begin with, before Clear Grid wrote any code for my new web site they asked me detailed questions to get an accurate idea of the direction of my private practice and my outcome expectations. The result looked better than I had envisioned, but also contained all of the invisible optimization code and details so important for position in the search engines. My traffic has tripled in the past 6 months and continues to grow."

Mark Power, M.A. CCC
Power Stuttering Center

Web Site Promotion & Marketing Programs
Through the planning stages we optimize each key web page in preparation for submission to the search engines and search engine directories. We will research your Orange County and Los Angeles company and same market competition and develop a sound search engine positioning and placement strategy. Through these steps we will cross plan your E-newsletter Marketing campaign and design the promotional E-newsletter and E-mail pieces to specific targets. Keeping an ongoing search engine submission budget and tracking the results of the promotion and marketing program, results can be analyzed and reviewed.

Search Engine Marketing

We will place your business in the top 3 rankings in the major search engine reaching over 90% of searching traffic!

Benefits of Our Program
Our search engine marketing services include 5 key areas:

1. Advanced Search Engine Optimization
We use our advanced search engine optimization services to optimize and structure each Web page and site for the search engine indexing agents. Complete description of our Search Engine Optimization services

2. Paid Placement & Managed Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

3. Link Popularity Programs

4. Search Engine Submissions

Managed Pay-Per-Click Campaign
We can manage your Pay-Per-Click campaign by implementing the right strategy customized for your business growth:

Our recommended pay-per-click programs include:

Paid Inclusion
Your website is guaranteed placement. We guide you to the most important search engines and directories to have your business listing(s) placed. Your website is quickly (24-72 hours) reviewed and listed in all of the major search engines. Google as of yet, does not offer paid listings.
Putting your site in a paid listing search engine or directory, allows you fast results. Adjustment made to the website are picked-up quickly by the search engine indexing spiders and returned in the results, usually in 24-72 hours.

Link Popularity Programs
We Research Suitable Reciprocal Links
Provide the Proper Requests of Linking Partners
Guidance on How to Choose the Proper and Most Beneficial Partner website

Search Engine Submissions
We submit your website and all associated site information the major search engine and directories. We include search engine ranking reports to see where your current ranking is and where you need to be in the search results.

Website optimization review and ranking advice before submission.

Following the web design project, hand submission to the top search engine and directories including Yahoo, Open Directory, Google, Altavista, MSN, Askjeeves, Alltheweb, AOL, Alexa, iWon, Hotbot, Fast, Teoma and Netscape.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Website promotion begins with optimizing your web site and is an important step in winning the search engine ranking and positioning battles. Using the correct techniques, you can get great exposure by getting high listings on the popular search engines and directories. We are experts at positioning professionals and their practices and businesses at the top of the most important search engines. Professional service companies are unique in the development and strategizing of their search engine marketing plans.

Our Search Engine Optimization and Search Directory Placement services are designed to position Orange County and Los Angeles Web sites at the top of the search results pages so users searching on relevant keywords can find them.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Placement is an ongoing process that, over time, results in high search engine ranking on the search results page of search engines and directories. Any search engine optimization program must also address the ever-evolving search engine relationships, business models and the way web sites interact with the top search engines and directories.

Special Notes on Flash Designed Sites

When designing or building your site using Flash Animation:

Your navigational structure should always include text links for the search engines.

Avoid putting all of your important content into Flash movies. Flash movies and objects can create oversized pages. Limit your pages to avoid long download times. Remember the users of dial-up connections; they will not wait 3-4 minutes to see your Flash movie.

Clear Grid of Orange County and Los Angeles, offers web site promotion services that optimizes any existing content-rich web page of your web site that we feel will achieve high rankings in the "editorial style" listings of the search engines.

Some Useful Terms: (Complete list of terms) >>

Promotion - Anything you do to increase your site traffic. This includes site search engine submission, marketing, sending out e-mail newsletters.

Search Engine Submission - The process of informing and listing with the various search engines and related sites about your Web site.

Search Engines - Sites that Web users use to find information on the Web. This is the most important tool and way that people find Web sites, so a Web site owner needs to know as much as possible about search engines and how they operate. See Search Engine Relationships

Traffic - The number of people who visit your site. The more of this you get the better. We are not talking about "Hits" We you are putting out information about your company more traffic is the basis of Web promotion. If you do not promote your Web site, your traffic will go to zero and stay there.

>> Complete list of search optimization terms

Orange County Promotion Directories for Professionals

The top Orange County and Los Angeles directories designed to drive targeted traffic to your website. The best Orange County marketing tool for professionals.

Orange County Medical Physicians Directory
Orange County Medical Physicians Directory

Offering 25 specialties, Orange County Medical Physicians Directory is the easiest and fastest way to find any type of doctor in Orange County. Including: Doctors, Orange County, state and national hospitals and clinics, local and national medical associations, medical and health information sites, medical search engines and much more. Considered the top medical portal in Orange County.

Orange County Home & Real Estate Professionals
Orange County Home & Real Estate Professionals Directory

Orange County's most complete directory of Real Estate and Home professionals including Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Contractors, Home Interior and Exterior professionals. Our Orange County & Home Professionals Directory is a marketing must for driving targeted markets and potential clients to your web site.

Orange County Attorney & Law Directory
Orange County Attorney & Law Directory

With 16 specialties of law, the Orange County Attorney and Law Directory is the target for everyone looking for a lawyer. In addition, the directory contains a full listing of local and national law associations and legal information. A Marketing must for directing potential clients and markets to an accounting practice.

Orange County Accountant & Finance Directory
Orange County Accountant & Finance Directory

The Orange County Accountant and Finance Directory provide visitors with the most complete directory of accounting and CPA firms, general accountants and available in Orange County. In addition, the directory provides local, state and national associations and finance informational sites. Top generating directory for accountants and their practices.

E-newsletter & Internet Marketing

E-mail Marketing, E-newsletter Marketing

E-newsletters & E-mail newsletters are an excellent low-cost Internet Marketing solution for driving Orange County and Los Angeles web site traffic and increasing customer loyalty.

Why Publish an E-Newsletter, Anyway?

You may not think of yourself as a publisher, but you are. It does not matter whether you work for a major international corporation, a small nonprofit organization, a national real estate firm, or local medical practice. You are a publisher. Time to act accordingly.

People who think like publishers always start with the question: "Is there a real need or demand for this content?" From the beginning, it is critical to consider the role your newsletter will play in your organization and in the lives of your readers. Key questions to ponder are:

Does your organization really need a newsletter? If so, why?
Whom do you want to reach with this newsletter, and why?
What important messages do you want to communicate to your target audience?
What other goals do you have for your newsletter?
Besides content promoting your organization's identity, products, and interests, what else can you offer to make your newsletter uniquely valuable to your audience?

With the HTML and rich design styles, you will experience a huge increase in responses, an increase in your Orange County and Los Angeles sales, client base and profits.

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