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Los Angeles Medical Web Site design and Promotion for Physicians. We connect these targeted patients with your practice.
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Web Design for Therapists

We specialize in therapist web designs - MFT, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists. Clear Grid has always been at the forefront of creating beautiful and successful designs for therapists and mental health professionals. Our web designs work to connect you with prospective patients and provide current patients with important information and office forms.

Distinguish yourself with a custom-designed and state-of-the-art website that promotes your therapist practice specialties. Your original therapy website design will drive targeted traffic and patients to your practice. medical web design

Therapy Web Design for Therapists
Therapist Web Design
Therapy Web Design for Therapists
psychiatrist web design
Therapy Web Design for Therapists Los Angeles Web Design
Web Design for Psychiatrists
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Los Angeles therapist Web design

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Web design for Therapist practices & Mental Health Professionals

Our clients are leaders in their medical Internet markets. Using proper placement and positioning on the web, we drive their medical practices to higher revenue and growth. When we design your custom web design medical web site and marketing strategies, the partnership services we provide you are superior technology and business leadership.

We provide first-class therapy Web designs for therapists and mental health professionals. Your therapist web design will attract new patients, provide 24-hour access to your information and educate patients and potential patients about different services.

Using proven excellent Internet strategies, Clear Grid positions your therapist practice and web site to continuously draw and inform new patients.

People are going online and looking for a medical physician specialist or a specific expertise, e.g., cosmetic, pain management, sedation, etc., are increasingly using the Internet. Make sure your medical practice Web site pages complement and enhance your medical practice and are search engine optimized for top-level search ranking for promotion. People are looking to the World Wide Web to go beyond the static one-dimensional level of information offered by yellow-page ads, office brochures and signage. Huge amounts of paperwork and related office labor are no longer incurred. To make a physicians practice more client friendly, multiple methods of contact, news retrieval and medical educational resources are always available to the client. Like no other medium, the Internet can provide personalized, 24 hour a day marketing and powerful practice management tools. Our experience in internet development and marketing business strategies creates an environment of confidence for practice principles, associates and staff.

web site design for Mental Health Professionals

As Web Strategists, we provide the online tools to create, manage and grow your Web site to the professional level you need.
It's our job to take your medical practice to the next level and keep it"s position.

Search Engine Optimization will gain your site high exposure through high rankings in Search Engines results.
A top ranking in all the major search engines is a major part of our Web promotion process. We'll make sure your medical web site is in the top search engine results.

Orange County Medical Physicians Directory Our Orange County Medical Physicians Directory provides additional exposure and drives targeted traffic to your website. A professionally designed medical Web site and networked office system will increase a practices level of sophistication and provide a way for patients or potential patients to contact their physician. Today, 60 percent of all Orange County & Los Angeles Internet users are seeking medical and health information. Of that amount, 70 percent want information about their physicians.

Promote your practice and services with an E-newsletter and E-mail marketing Program.
To keep the lines of communication open between you and your patients and associates, E-newsletters are one of the hottest and cost-effective marketing tools available today. From text e-mail to full-graphic HTML E-newsletters, we will create a successful and cost-saving campaign.

Increase your market exposure.
Getting you and your medical practice noticed in the markets you desire.

Around the clock marketing and image exposure.
Patients, associates and colleges can access your ongoing medical marketing program 24 Hours-a-Day, 7 Days-a-Week.

Increase your revenue streams through site promotion and referral tools.
Run profitable and multiple promotion and referral campaigns.

Instill Trust and Confidence through your site.
Make your medical Web site is a reflection of trust and confidence your patient seek.

Present a sophisticated and professional presence and enhance your professional image.
Physicians need an image of loft and professionalism. We will create a medical practice Web site that projects both.

Owning a 'custom' Web site can separate you from your peers.
Our professional designers and developers will design and create a beautiful and usable site that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Increase responses from your traditional advertising.
We will produce and compliment work that is tied in to your print, television and direct mail ad and marketing.

Referrals from other professionals.
Referrals are a mainstay of any professional practice. So create a section for other professionals to refer their clientele.

Patient Benefits Services for Medical Professionals

We specialize in knowing what your patients are looking for and how best to incorporate special features into your Medical Web site. Our goal is to focus on your online strategy and enhance your Web site with the proper elements that will build referrals, present your professional image and enhance the visitors experience and do it with a strict budget in mind.

Provide access to professional references online.
These useful tools create an "Online Source" and a Web site that gets return visitors. Can also be utilized by office staff as a reference.

Provide a Secure/Password Protected Extranet area for confidential information, work and records.
Improves accessibility and provides a high quality of care for patients. A necessity for online professionals, this gives patients a personal and private feeling to their information and records.

Time sensitive information delivery.
A quick and timely delivery of important information will enhance the doctor-patient relationship.

Any and all of the information you want to convey can go online.
Present information to colleagues and interested patients: Medical Articles, News Stories, Office Notices and Medical Journal information.

Improve patient scheduling.
Streamline, speed and reduce appointment gaps. Letting patients select their most convenient time frame from your schedule give both parties a feeling of efficiency.

Provide office location maps and directions.
Show maps, driving directions and parking facilities to reduce that office visit stress patients frequently incur.

Answer general patient questions online with "Frequently Asked Questions" section.
We build a specific to general F.A.Q. section for patients and associates. Provides a 24/7 connection for those seeking information and requests.

Handle prescriptions requests.
Quickly becoming a standard, refills and records are made available to patients. Easy management and tracking for both parties.

After service - deliver follow-up care.
Makes follow-up care easy and manageable. Your online presence will provide important information for patient care at any hour of any day.

Treat episodic, chronic, and/or recurring conditions.
Certain medical and health conditions may be treatable through online communications and information shared with patients.

Online access to lab results.
Through your secure Extranet, patients can access their lab results at any time. Requests for appointments and information are easily made and managed.

Ability to educate your medical audience about your practice and interests.
Personalize your Web site with information about you, your partners and staff. Creates the element of trust even before the patient ever meets with you.

Medical web design for healthcare Professionals

Your office can now offer communication services with staff, patients and associates with your own small network or Extranet. Your patients, staff and associates can quickly and easily set appointments, receive reminders, collect important information/records and communicate with you from any location. Your business network becomes a great communication and information center for everyone both inside and outside your office.

Reduce staff costs and run a more efficient practice through increased efficiencies online.
Speed, automate tasks to free-up staff and reduce office costs.

Provide e-mail reminders and updates.
Automatically send appointment, news and service reminders to patients and associates.

Reduce patient in-office time filling out forms.
We will create an online patient "Medical Information Center" for pre-office visit, insurance and first visit file information. This greatly reduces appointment gaps and client wait time.

Enhanced doctor and staff efficiency through fast and top-level office information and networking services.
Create office systems that work together and seamlessly with your practice Extranet and Web site.

Communications with associates and immediate, continuous contact with your peers.
Your Web site provides an "Always Open" line of communication available to your associate and colleges. This is an important part of information sharing and referrals.

Appointment requests and confirmation.
Working in conjunction with information reminders, online appointment and confirmation are becoming the standard of any professional practice.

Daily networking, "linking," and communication with your patients and related organizations.
Quick and easy links to inform and drive information to those people in need of it.

Top Rules for Therapy Website Designs

The focus of website design should always be your site visitors and target audience. Your visitors should feel both engaged and comfortable when visiting.

Be Consistent in Page Design and Layout

Carry the design and page layout throughout the entire website. This leads to a feeling of credibility and reliability. A change of layout or interruption in consistency breaks the visitors focus.

Clean Design and Structured Page Layout

Present a clean design. Structure the page elements, text and information logically and simplistically. Topics need to be placed with the most important information above the fold or within the first screen upon the web page loading. Give your visitors an easy and quick way to find your information that is placed deep down a page - use linked or anchored text at the top of the page.

Focused Information

Your visitors are looking for specific information – deliver it to them. Stay on topic and focus one page per topic. Present the page with a proper title, opening paragraph, images/photographs, headlines and links.

Easy to Read and Follow

Always make sure the visual leads including the site navigation and text (copy) are clear, accurate, and easy to read and scan. Adjust text size to reader audience. Smaller text can drive a more serious feel while larger text is more relaxed.

Faster Page Download Time

Study the visitors and their connection speeds. Reduce download times with external file systems and optimized code and images.

Simple Navigation and Menu System

Site navigation and menus should be brief, descriptive and accurate.  Visitors can be misled and click-away if links don’t match the intended page information. As soon as the visitor arrives on a page, the page heading(s) should properly present the information and relate to what they’re looking for.

Site-Wide Contact Information

The website pages should carry the business contact information and link to additional office topics (drive maps). Include the business name, address and phone numbers. Multiple location businesses should provide a complete index page presenting each location.

Be Attractive, Usable & Clean

A clean, uncluttered and attractive web design is the foundation of any successful web site. A busy and image heavy site distracts and gets in the way of the users intention of collecting information. Whether we design using Flash Animation, Dynamic HTML , XHTML or XML, the delivery of information on the Internet is still all about the ability of fast delivery and scanable copy and messages. Never be different for the sake of being different and without purpose.

Fresh Content & Up-to-Date Copy

Your web designs should contain copy that is fresh, scanable and informative. It's important to your visitors and the site's search engine optimization. If you want visitors to return for more, give them well written and difficult-to-find information.

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