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Law Firm Web Design for Attorneys & Lawyers


Law Firm Designs

Using our law firm web design & proven world-class Internet strategies, Clear Grid positions your law practice and website to continuously draw and inform new law clients. Engage your law clients and distinguish yourself with a custom-designed and state-of-the-art law practice website. Your custom website along with our Search Engine Optimization & Positioning services will drive targeted traffic and clients to your business. Review our lawyer web design services for law firms, lawyers, attorneys and law professionals. We design custom law firm websites for small and large law firms - your choice of a smaller brochure law firm website to full featured content management system websites.

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  • Highest Standards-Based Web Design Code
  • Custom Blog
  • Law-Firm-Focused Design & Name Branding
  • Professional Law Firm Theme Photographs
  • Search Engine Optimization & Submission Services
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  • Flash Technology & Media Rich Presentation
  • Forward-Compatibility for Web Browsers and Internet Technologies
  • Contact Form & Information Collection
  • Advanced XHTML, CSS, XML
Law Firm Web Design
Legal web site design

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Web design for Law firms

More and more clients are on-line/Internet looking for law information. We connect these targeted clients with your business. We’re leaders in providing the best lawyer web design, development and promotion services to attorneys and law firms. Complete Content management systems for your law firm.

What We'll do for You

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"Redesign" your Site

Does your site need to be restructured because of poor usability, graphic design or navigation? Are you adding a new service or market? Clear Grid will rejuvenate and re-establish the look and purpose you want your site to be.

"Refine" your Site

Does your site need minor improvements? If your site is producing but needs some enhancements and upgrades, we can produce the results without a major redesign.

Our Los Angeles and Orange County centers offer law firms from around the country top web design work.

"Custom-Designed & New" Site

We start with the strategy and direction you want to take your business and finish with a beautiful, usable and first-grade Web site. From the ground up we produce high quality and success driven Web sites the first time out.

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Our lawyer-clients are leaders in their law Internet markets. Using proper placement and positioning on the web, we drive their businesses to higher revenue and growth. When we design your custom-designed law web site and marketing strategies, the partnership services we provide to you are superior technology and business leadership. Connecting clients and attorneys is our business. Through our law directories, search engine optimization and marketing programs, your business becomes a professional promotional tool working 24/7.

Marketing for Law Professionals

Attorneys and lawyers have the new dimension of the World Wide Web to promote and market your services on a grand scale. Whether you're presenting your promotion pieces to local clients or marketing to persons across the country, we'll make sure your image is recognized as the leader in your law field and specialty.

As Web Strategists, we provide the Online tools to create, manage and grow your Web site to the professional level you need.
It's our job to take your practice to the next level and keep its' position.

Our Search Engine Optimization services will gain your site high exposure through high ranking in Search Engines results.
A top ranking in all the major search engines is a major part of our Web promotion process. We will make sure your site is in the top search engine results.

Orange County Attorney & Law DirectoryOur Lawyer Directories, will drive targeted traffic to your law firm web site and pushes your firm to dominate your market and areas of practice. The practice of law continues to become more and more competitive. Orange County Attorneys can differentiate their practice from their peers while at the same time increasing efficiency. The Internet provides attorneys to not only stay competitive, but also to utilize the powerful administrative cost-cutting features it affords. By effective design and utilization, lawyers can position themselves to serve clients, manage office tasks and market their image and services. We have lawyer directories across the country to help our clients.

Promote your practice and services with an E-newsletter and E-mail marketing Program.
To keep the lines of communication open between you, your clientele and associates, E-newsletters are one of the hottest and cost-effective marketing tools available today. From text e-mail to full-graphic HTML E-newsletters, we will create a successful and cost-saving campaign.

Increase your market exposure.
Getting you and your practice noticed in each of the law markets you desire.

Around the clock marketing and image exposure.
Clients, associates and colleagues can access your ongoing marketing program 24 Hours-a-Day, 7 Days-a-Week.

Increase your revenue streams through site promotion and referral tools.
Run profitable and multiple promotion and referral campaigns.

Instill Trust and confidence through your site.
Make your Web site a reflection of the trust and confidence your client seeks.

Present a sophisticated, professional presence and enhance your professional image.
Attorneys need an image of loft and professionalism. We will create a Web site that projects both.

Owning a 'custom' Law Web site can separate you from your peers.
Our professional designers and developers will design and create a beautiful and usable site that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Increase responses from your traditional advertising.
We will produce and compliment work that is tied in to your print, television and direct mail ad and marketing.

Referrals from other professionals.
Referrals are a mainstay of any professional practice. So create a section for other professionals to refer their clientele.

Client Benefits

We specialize in knowing what your clients are looking for and how best to incorporate special features into your law Web site. Our goal is to focus on your online strategy and enhance your law Web site with the proper elements that will build referrals, present your professional image and enhance the visitors experience and do it with a strict budget in mind.

Provide access to professional references online.
These useful tools create an "Online Source" and a Web site that gets return visitors. Can also be utilized by office staff as a reference.

Provide a Secure/Password Protected Extranet area for confidential information, work and records.
Improves accessibility and provides a high quality of care for clients. A necessity for online legal professionals, this gives clients a personal and private feeling to their information and records.

Time sensitive information delivery.
A quick and timely delivery of important information will enhance the attorney-client relationship.

Any and all of the information you want to convey can go online.
Present information to colleagues and interested clients: Articles, News Stories, Office Notices and Finance information.

Improve client scheduling.
Streamline, speed and reduce appointment gaps. Letting clients select their most convenient time frame from your schedule gives both parties a feeling of efficiency.

Provide office location maps and directions.
Show maps, driving directions and parking facilities to reduce that office visit stress clients frequently incur.

Answer general client questions online with Frequently Asked Questions section.
We build a specific to general F.A.Q. section for clients and associates. Provides a 24/7 connection for those seeking information and requests.

After service - deliver follow-up communication.
Makes follow-up communication easy and manageable. Your online presence will provide important information for client care at any hour of any day.

Online access to important information from anywhere.
Through your secure Extranet, clients can access their files at any time. Follow-up requests for appointments and information are easily made and managed.

Ability to educate your audience about your practice and interests.
Personalize your Web site with information about you, your partners and staff. Creates the element of trust even before the client ever meets with you.

Reduce staff costs and run a more efficient practice through increased efficiencies online.
Speed, automate tasks to free-up staff and reduce office costs.

Provide e-mail reminders and updates.
Automatically send appointment, news and service reminders to clientele and associates.

Reduce client in-office time filling out forms.
We will create an online client "Legal Information Center" for pre-office visits and first visit file information. This greatly reduces appointment gaps and client wait time.

Enhanced attorney and staff efficiency through fast and top-level office information and networking services.
Create office systems that work together and seamlessly with your practice Extranet and Web site.

Communications with associates and Immediate, continuous contact with your peers.
Your Web site provides an "Always Open" line of communication available to your associate and colleges. This is an important part of information sharing and referrals.

Appointment requests and confirmation.
Working in conjunction with information reminders, online appointment and confirmation are becoming the standard of any professional practice.

Daily networking, "linking," and communication with your clients and related organizations.
Quick and easy links to inform and drive information to those people in need of it.

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Law Firm Web Hosting Services

Law office Job and Employment.
Offer employment and jobs.

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