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Clear Grid Web Site Design is skilled in defining effective user experiences and how they are delivered. Our search-engine friendly web designs include Flash animation to Dynamic HTML, XHTML and XML. The web designs we create are both attractive and usable. Through our professional web site design services, we combine intuitive navigation and proper site design, layout with meaningful and imaginative visual design, to deliver the content and information your users are looking for. Review our web design work

Orange County web design - Orange County web design services for services businesses and professionals. Website design pros that create outstanding work.

Los Angeles web design - Los Angeles web design services for services businesses and professionals. Website design prosfessionals that produce top designs.

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The best law firm web design involves effective integration and delivery of well-targeted content, functionality, visuals, sound and technology drive a successful user experience. See Frequently Asked Questions about the web design process.

Web design for law firms services for Los Angeles Web Design * Orange County Web Design * San Diego Web Design Complete web site design for the Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County areas.

We feature clean designs, Flash animation and Dynamic HTML programming to display our client's information in the most attractive and usable way possible. As Website Designers for lawyers, Information Architects, Creative Designers and Graphic Artists we apply strong interactive and visual skills to capture and captivate your users.

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Offering web design for lawyers and attorneys. Law firm web design services including web page design for law firms and law professionals. Visit our law firm website design service page for more information.

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If you are interested in having a web site design by Clear Grid, we will put together mockup copies of your web design project site and discuss various options and ideas to make it unique and set it apart from the others in the same field. When you decide to go with one of those options, not only can we put the site up on the Internet but also maintain the site.

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We offer Los Angeles Orange County Companies, firms, company, firm, Company, companies, Firm, Firms

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Web Design’s Top Rules for Great Website Design

The focus of website design should always be your site visitors and target audience. Your visitors should feel both engaged and comfortable when visiting.

Be Consistent in Page Design and Layout

Carry the design and page layout throughout the entire website. This leads to a feeling of credibility and reliability. A change of layout or interruption in consistency breaks the visitors focus.

Clean Design and Structured Page Layout

Present a clean design. Structure the page elements, text and information logically and simplistically. Topics need to be placed with the most important information above the fold or within the first screen upon the web page loading. Give your visitors an easy and quick way to find your information that is placed deep down a page - use linked or anchored text at the top of the page.

Focused Information

Your visitors are looking for specific information – deliver it to them. Stay on topic and focus one page per topic. Present the page with a proper title, opening paragraph, images/photographs, headlines and links.

Easy to Read and Follow

Always make sure the visual leads including the site navigation and text (copy) are clear, accurate, and easy to read and scan. Adjust text size to reader audience. Smaller text can drive a more serious feel while larger text is more relaxed.

Faster Page Download Time

Study the visitors and their connection speeds. Reduce download times with external file systems and optimized code and images.

Simple Navigation and Menu System

Site navigation and menus should be brief, descriptive and accurate.  Visitors can be misled and click-away if links don’t match the intended page information. As soon as the visitor arrives on a page, the page heading(s) should properly present the information and relate to what they’re looking for.

Site-Wide Contact Information

The website pages should carry the business contact information and link to additional office topics (drive maps). Include the business name, address and phone numbers. Multiple location businesses should provide a complete index page presenting each location.

Be Attractive, Usable & Clean

A clean, uncluttered and attractive web design is the foundation of any successful web site. A busy and image heavy site distracts and gets in the way of the users intention of collecting information. Whether we design using Flash Animation, Dynamic HTML , XHTML or XML, the delivery of information on the Internet is still all about the ability of fast delivery and scanable copy and messages. Never be different for the sake of being different and without purpose.

Fresh Content & Up-to-Date Copy
Your web designs should contain copy that is fresh, scanable and informative. It's important to your visitors and the site's search engine optimization. If you want visitors to return for more, give them well written and difficult-to-find information.

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