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Web Design Process

Tell us about your company Initial Meeting, Proposals & Quotes, Mockup Sites, Defining Site Goals Site Architecture Defining Requirements Creating Site Structure Project Design Look & Feel Creating Navigation, Creating the Visual Design.

Each and every web design project requires important steps that are unique to your business. We have two process points - one for Web design & development, the other for branding. Each provides a structure so that everyone involved can contribute their expertise for the best results. Experience and success has taught us that following a well-defined process ensures not only the best creative outcome, but also an on-time and on-budget delivery. See Frequently Asked Questions about the web design process.

Top Reasons to Use Clear Grid for Your Design & Internet Marketing Project

Web Design Process Phases


Strategy planning is the first phase to proper web design. We help you define your online brand and establish short and long-term goals for your site. Together, we map the competitive landscape and determine the opportunities to set you apart from the competition. We develop a profile of your web design tastes, target audience, and from that, come up with the most compelling reasons for them to visit your site, spend time there, and of course, return. We work with you to develop and document the core business rules behind the project. We also establish parameters for judging the success of the messages and designs we'll develop. Once we have your approval on the strategy, we can push forward to Architecture.


Next, we determine the scope and size of the project. What information must be communicated? What information do we want to capture from site visitors? This phase includes our asking what may seem like obvious questions: What will the site do? How will it work? We layout the site for our search engine optimization planning and keyword research. These basic elements come together to build the overall information architecture and mold the web design . From our collaboration,and through information mapping, we create a paper-based map of the site structure. With the site architecture set, the navigation scheme established, and your approval, we go on to Creative.


We have defined the business rules, content, architecture, and the functionality to be integrated. Now we can develop the visual personality for your web design project and site. The design of the interface must be an extension of your brand and, of course, make your site compelling and easy to use. As we integrate the core messages with logical information design, the visual page design takes shape. This phase typically includes 2-4 prototypes and usability testing. Once we have your approval on the visual design, we proceed to Engineering.

Growth & Management

The Web is a living, breathing medium. Consequently, your site will need to change and grow over time and maintain a top search engine position and ranking. Factoring this into the solutions we develop, it's at this stage that we apply our advanced search engine optimization and can use management and maintenance tools.

We'll work with you to maintain your sites high qualities. In addition, we're often involved in E-Newsletter marketing and Search Engine Promotion .

We have provided an simple overview of our Web Project Profile  which provides a useful process starting point.

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