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Criminal activity by members of the upper classes in connection with their professions. This type of crime is acknowledged by the criminal justice system and rarely prosecuted. The most common definition of white collar crime : illegal acts using deceit and concealment to obtain money, property, services, to secure a business or professional advantage. The federal government has a variety of laws to deal with the problem of white collar crime, jurisdiction under the commerce, postal and taxing powers of the federal Constitution to reach all levels of business activity.

Antitrust Violations: Price fixing, monopolies and other infractions of the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act Bank Fraud: Fraud against a banking institution, including check fraud, commercial loan fraud, check kiting, and mortgage fraud Bankruptcy Fraud: Individuals or corporations who lie to creditors or bankruptcy officials about assets or debts Bribery: Offering money or property with the intention of influencing the behavior of others Computer/Internet Fraud: Using the Internet or computers to defraud others Credit Card Fraud: Using someone else's credit card to purchase goods illegally Counterfeiting: Copying goods (such as designer merchandise) or money, and passing off the copies as genuine Economic Espionage: Stealing or misusing trade secrets Embezzlement: Using money or goods entrusted to you for your own benefit Extortion: Taking money from someone through force, coercion or threats Forgery: Manipulating or changing a written document for monetary gain Insurance Fraud: Defrauding insurance companies by exaggerating or fabricating claims Money Laundering: Running money obtained illegally through a legitimate business Securities Fraud: Can include insider trading and theft through market manipulation Tax Evasion: Fili

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White collar crimes are usually crimes of theft and deception allegedly committed by salaried people as opposed to other crimes that use force or violence. Our White Collar Crimes Defense Attorneys defend crimes at the state level & federal level. Penalties for being convicted of white collar crime may consist of fines, restitution and, in some cases, prison. Conviction of a white collar crime in California may be devastating and forever life changing, therefore you must seek to be aggressively defended for charges of BRIBERY, EMBEZZLEMENT, EXTORTION, FORGERY, FRAUD, LARCENY, PERJURY, COMPUTER FRAUD, TELEMARKETING FRAUD, TAX EVASION, TAX FRAUD, INSURANCE FRAUD, and all crimes committed under the jurisdiction of commodities law and securities law.


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