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How many DUI or DWI jury trials have you successfully defended? Do you have sufficient personnel in order to effectively represent me in court and before the DMV? If you were arrested for DUI, who would you hire to represent you? What percentage of your practice is devoted to drunk driving defense? What seminars, if any, have you attended in the last six months concerning drunk driving defense? What seminars, if any, have you conducted in teaching other lawyers how to effectively represent people accused of drunk driving? What percentage of your DUI clients do you plead guilty without filing any pre-trial motions or conducting a jury trial? Are you available for in person or telephone conferences at my request? What books, articles or legal treatises have you published on the subject of defending drunk driving cases? Do you use experts and investigators in defending drunk driving cases?

With the government's continuing onslaught on the social drinker, the State of California is seeking to expand the authority for sobriety checkpoints to also include polluting cars. Once this law goes into effect, look for pollution checkpoints which will give the government arbitrary authority to stop any vehicle whose emissions are visible. For those of you who thought sobriety checkpoints were a good idea, don't complain if you get caught up in this web of deceit visited upon us by our government.

Welcome to the Orange County County Drunk Driving Law Guide, a complete source of legal information about drinking and driving laws, DUI penalties, DMV driver's license suspensions, DUI/DWI lawyers, criminal courts, blood-alcohol evidence, car insurance after a DUI, and police investigative procedures. Orange County DUI offers everything you need to know if you are arrested in Orange County County for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) -- sometimes referred to as "driving while intoxicated" (DWI)

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What CRIMES will I be charged with? What is the possible PUNISHMENT I'm facing? Who are THE BEST DUI LAWYERS in Los Angeles County? How can I save my DRIVER'S LICENSE? Are those BREATH MACHINES accurate? How can I estimate my BLOOD-ALCOHOL LEVEL? Were my LEGAL RIGHTS violated by the police? How can I call the COURT, POLICE, OR PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE for information? What happens to my CAR INSURANCE? How can I get my DRIVING RECORD?

Arrests for DUI will result in two separate cases. First a DMV Per Se hearing must be requested within ten days of arrest or your right to a hearing may be waived and your driving privilege may be suspended or revoked. Secondly, a criminal case will be prosecuted against you which can result in fines, community service and/or jail time. A conviction for either charge can remain on your record for seven years; any future arrests for DUI within that period will result in the suspension of your license and mandatory jail time. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, you should contact a competent and qualified attorney immediately to protect your rights.

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A criminal law attorney with DUI, drunk driving and driving under the influence (DWI) expirence can help you through this critical point should you be arrested. Contact a DUI / DWI criminal defense attorney today to help you.

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